Join the new cBio Center @DFCI!

Research at the new interdisciplinary cBio Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, focused on computational and systems biology, addresses important and challenging questions about basic biology and cancer. Our discoveries are based on computational and data science methods such as statistical physics and machine learning, as well as experimental biology and high throughput technologies. We serve the community by developing enterprise-grade software and information services, such as the open source cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics, which aim to build strong bridges between research and patients in the clinic.

Assistant/Associate Professor (cBio Center)

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) and Harvard Medical School (HMS) seek an accomplished and innovative research faculty member to join the newly formed cBio Center at DFCI. The Center is an open and collaborative environment with a focus on computational biomedicine and cancer systems biology and is headed by Chris Sander.

We provide an opportunity to pursue basic and translational research with an emphasis on solving biological problems using computational and data science methods, and to collaborate with cancer researchers and clinicians to impact clinical trials and cancer care in the age of genomically informed personalized medicine. ( More information )

Software Engineer (Sander Lab)

Design and develop analysis systems, data visualization and web services in support of basic and translational research projects. Stay updated on new software technologies and apply them to real life biological and clinical problems. You were trained in Computer Science or related field and have substantial experience in software development. ( More information )

Senior Lab Technician (Sander Lab)

Assist with and drive molecular and cellular biology research projects, help with the establishment of the experimental laboratory, collaborate with computational biologists, and work closely with leadership to coordinate daily lab operations. Our ideal candidate has proven research experience as a technician, scientist, or lab manager working within molecular or cellular biology ( More information )

Senior Bioinformatics Engineer (Knowledge Systems Group)

Build new open-source software and data mining platforms for precision cancer medicine. Our platforms are focused on mining of cancer genomic data sets, understanding resistance to targeted therapy, and identifying exceptional responders to targeted therapy. Technical and scientific challenges include data mining and visualization of large-scale cancer genomic data sets, building web-based data analytics platforms, and distributed cloud computing across multiple cancer centers. ( More information )

Front End Software Developer (Knowledge Systems Group)

We are looking for a Front-End Software Engineer with expert knowledge of user interaction, javascript and AngularJS. Experience in D3 and data visualization is preferred. The ideal candidate also has a strong interest in contributing to biological research with clinical applications. ( More information )

Postdoc (Sander Lab)

Research topics include: perturbation biology and network pharmacology; cancer genomics, proteomics & metabolomics; protein structure, function & evolution; and biological information resources (PathwayCommons, cBioPortal, EVfold).

Work on algorithms and computational analysis, and/or on combination therapy and evolution experiments in the wet lab. Collaborate with others and lead a project. Do imaginative basic science that bridges computational modeling and experiment, and help apply it to real life. ( More information )

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